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How Pressure Washing Can Help Improve Your Business

First Impressions
The first impression you make is a significant aspect of your daily business affairs. Leaving a strong first image on prospective clients is essential to starting and maintaining a long-standing relationship. It’s important to consider the impression your business gives at this very moment. You may have the best service around, but the appearance […]

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The Germiest Locations in the Office

When you own a business, the safety of the environment is one of your biggest priorities. Keeping your office cleaner leads to healthier employees and a more successful business.

Most people would agree that the most germ-infested area in any building is the bathroom. Naturally, this room is exposed to many more germs that have the […]

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Seasonal Deep Cleaning for Your Office

Some people perform thorough cleaning during Spring, and some do it at the end of the year. In reality, deep cleaning of your office can be done any time of the year. To help you during the process, here’s our seasonal deep cleaning spree checklist.

When cleaning up papers, take note of those you need and […]

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Cleaning Strategies for Relocating

If you need to relocate your business, you likely understand the mountain of tasks ahead of you. Just moving alone is daunting, even before you clean. The right plan can make the process much more efficient. Here are some guidelines you may wish to consider to make your move a smoother one.
Cleaning Tips When Relocating […]

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The Need For Green Cleaning

Every year, more than 100 million work days are lost because of absenteeism and sickness that may be caused by poor indoor air quality. Financially, this amounts to an annual productivity loss of about $100 billion. By cleaning the workplace the correct way, productivity overcomes the burdens of unclean working conditions.
How Does Green Cleaning Work?
The […]

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The Difference Between Home Cleaning and Office Cleaning

The Importance of Professional Office Cleaning
Keeping an office building clean requires special care compared to that of a home. The cleanliness of the workplace will determine how healthy and efficient employees can be.
The Difference Between Home and Office Cleaning
There are numerous differences between home environments and offices that require unique care when cleaning them. Cleaning […]

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

How Dirty Carpet Immediately Affects Your Business
Keeping commercial carpets clean is essential to running a healthy and successful business. If you allow the carpets in your business to go uncleaned for long periods of time, you will begin to notice a number of effects rather quickly.  For a quote on carpet cleaning in your office, […]

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Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration

Cleantech is a locally owned and professional cleaning company that has gained a reputation for providing quality water damage cleanup and disaster restoration services. Our team of trained and experienced cleaning professionals is dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We take pride of our A+ ratings with the Better Business Bureau and […]

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Spring Cleaning for Floors

Commercial Spring Cleaning

During the harsh winter months, your employees, customers and clients may regularly

track everything from water and mud to salt and sand into your workplace. Winter weather makes wet and muddy shoes common, and the salt and sand that is used to prevent slipping and falling on ice often finds its way onto the […]

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