Our technicians are proud of their work. When faced with a challenging cleaning job, they often take out their cell phone and shoot a photo.

This page is dedicated to the men and women who do outstanding work for our clients.

carpet cleaners-philadelphia

This is a very large and high quality area rug. It was heavily soiled. Our technician on the job had the idea of shooting this photo to show off his excellent work before finishing the last 25% of the job. Good as new!

commercial carpet cleaning

Uh-Oh….Somebody left this unsightly trail in the hallway of an apartment building. No problem for the Cleantech crew.

Carpet cleaning-Delaware Valley

Carpets tend to get dirty evenly and you can barely notice…UNTIL you get them cleaned. Get a GOOD carpet cleaning for the real pros. Call us today. A clean carpet is essential to your good health.

cleaning an area rug

It’s hard to remember what that area rug looked like when it was new. OH, there it is…will you look at that!

cleaning apartment buildings-carpeting

Property management companies turn to Cleantech to clean the rugs in high traffic areas in large apartment complexes. No project is too big OR too small. Protect your investment by having a cleaning done properly 2-3 times per year.