You will find our vans and crews servicing Bristol, PA located in Bucks County

You will find our vans and crews servicing Bristol, PA located in Bucks County

In addition to being known as the #1 Professional Commercial Cleaning Services Provider in the Delaware Valley, Clean Tech is also regarded as a top most trusted cleaning professional in the Greater Philadelphia area.

In today’s economy, as business budgets are being stretched and challenged from many directions, maintaining carpeted surfaces in as pristine condition as possible is paramount. More and more commercial establishments are entrusting and delegating this responsibility to Clean Tech Service Pro.

Although carpeted areas are normally vacuumed on a daily basis with the usage of commercial heavy-duty machines, engaging the services of an IICRC certified provider can extend and enhance the approximate 12 years of life for carpets. Expert technicians employed by Clean Tech are trained in methods to address stains resulting from food and condiment mishaps. Another issue in this same vein is shading differences created by furniture placement.

In adherence to IICRC standards, carpet cleaning and restorative services performed by Clean must be overseen by a qualified carpet inspection technician. In the event that IICRC caliber inspection did not occur at the point of carpet manufacture, there are still measures that can be instituted to lessen the appearance of wear and tear such as fiber separation, yarn tufting and installation mistakes. The methods employed by the Clean Tech team are designed to produce deeper fiber contact and penetration during the vacuuming process.

To enhance the lifespan and appearance of carpeting, Clean Tech experts are knowledgeable in stretch-carpet methods especially should carpet repair necessitate replacement of sections of carpet. When performed correctly, to the untrained eye, this type of repair will not reveal that recent repair has occurred because there will be no uneven surfaces or re-seaming marks in evidence. To accomplish this procedure, in addition to a slotted-blade knife and an industrial staple gun, the professional carpet care toolbox includes a power stretcher to address wrinkles and bunching removal.

In addition to Clean Tech, MaxCare Professionals, a subsidiary of Clean Tech has been spotted over the past 40 years providing service to clients in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Clean Tech serves all of the townships in Bucks County, PA including:

  • Bedminster
  • Bensalem
  • Bridgeton
  • Bristol
  • Buckingham
  • Chalfont
  • Doylestown
  • Durham
  • East Rockhill
  • Falls
  • Haycock
  • Hilltown
  • Langhorne
  • Lower Makefield
  • Lower Southampton
  • Middletown
  • Milford
  • New Britain
  • Newtown
  • Nockamixon
  • Northampton
  • Perkasie
  • Plumstead
  • Quakertown
  • Richland
  • Solebury
  • Springfield
  • Tinicum
  • Upper Makefield
  • Upper Southampton
  • Warminster
  • Warrington
  • Warwick
  • West Rockhill
  • Wrightstown
  • Yardley

CleanTech provides the following Commercial Cleaning Services to Bucks County: