Maintaining and Cleaning Vinyl Floors in Your Office Building

commercial floor cleaning

Nothing brightens up an office as quickly as a sparkling clean floor.   Additionally, nothing screams “sloppy, lazy and careless” like dirty floors. All they do is attract germs, bugs & rodents. It’s an endless spiral of filth, distraction, and low morale. CleanTech has been offering vinyl flooring maintenance and cleaning since 1971, making the office floors look brand new once again.

Local Business Owners: A Clean Shiny Floor is Good For Business

A bright, shiny-clean floor is good for business. Not matter what business you’re in, the human brain responds positively to clean and negatively to dirty.

Plus, your Vinyl Composition Tile or VCT flooring is a significant financial investment, and as a business owner you want your investment to last. It is essential that your floors are properly cleaned and maintained routinely to keep them looking new.  CleanTech can provide you with a deep cleansing treatment and the wet shine appearance you are looking for.

CleanTech provides the following commercial vinyl flooring services:

Scrub and polish flooring

Dry mop flooring to remove to dust and dirt

Apply a neutral cleaner and scrub flooring

High-speed polish

Deep scrub and recoat

Dry mop floor to remove dirt and dust

Apply a concentrated cleaner

Machine scrub

Rinse with cool water

Recoat the flooring for a full finish

Stripping the floor and refinishing

Dry mom floor to remove dirt and dust

Apply stripping solution

Agitate solution with propane

Pick up remaining solution with a wet vac.

Rinse floor with a car scrubber

Recoat with as much as 4 coats of sealant for a complete finish

Residential Vinyl Floor Cleaning

CleanTech also provides vinyl floor cleaning in residential homes.  Cleantech, along with our sister company MaxCare, have the reputation of training our technicians in the proper way to care for a vinyl floor, maintain the appearance of and refinishing vinyl floors.

We offer the following services to homeowners:

Wet mop over stripping solution

Detailed corners and edges

Rotary power scrub

Rinse and Neutralize

Apply Sealant

Cleantech is located in Conshohocken, PA and our sister company, Maxcare is based out of Downingtown. Together we tackle routine cleaning and janitorial services plus heavy duty cleaning like cleanouts, and restoration services in the entire Delaware Valley.

Need an office or home’s vinyl floors looking bright again? Contact CleanTech 484-530-0600.

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