Why get your Air Ducts Cleaned? – Your health and wellness depend on it

What are the signs that your air ducts need cleaning?

  • Dusty air vent covers
  • Dark filtration marks on walls and ceilings
  • New Furnace
  • Building Projects
  • Water Damage
  • Extreme amounts of dirt in the office

Breath Without Problems

According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), 40 pounds of dirt and dust accumulate in air duct vents annually.  Dirty air ducts prevent excellent air quality and allow dust mites and other pests to flourish in air ducts, increasing the opportunity of mold and mildew, bacteria and well as fungi to grow. Dirty air ducts could trigger the air in your office to be 3 times more polluted compared to outside air.  Heaters and Air Conditions reuse this air creating an unhealthy and unsafe work environment.

Duct cleaning could save your company dozens, perhaps 100’s of man hours lost to colds, flu, respiratory illness, sinus infections, or other viruses. It only makes good sense to have duct cleaning as an annually scheduled routine.

Clogged Air Ducts Can Be a Fire Hazard

Routine maintenance of an air duct or dryer vent can save lives.  Each year countless fires start because of clogged dryer vents and dirty air ducts.  Keeping your ducts and vents clean can protect your staffs lives, your customers lives and your business safe.

CleanTech Cleans Your Air Ducts

Clogged air ducts can cost your business unnecessary money.  If your air duct is clogged by dust build-up, your heaters and air conditioners need to work harder to get the job done, costing your more money.  Larger accumulations of dust and dirt can cause permanent damages, requiring a new ventilation system.

You can trust CleanTechs IICRC certified operators to clean the air vents and air ducts with utmost attention and diligence.  CleanTech’s specialist will clean your whole air ventilation system: the blower, the evaporator coil, any other accessible elements, the vent covers and each air duct for a total cleaning service to prevent future issues.

Depend on the CleanTech Specialists for cleaning and maintaining your air ducts and air flow system for appropriate and effective operation during the year.  Call us now 484-530-0600.

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