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We practically pioneered the Hot Water Extraction Method of carpet cleaning in the Philadelphia area back in 1971.  Our equipment heats water to the highest heat which loosens dirt and kills microbes yet doesn’t harm your carpet fibers.  Special gentle detergents do the rest to make your carpet clean & fresh.

Clean Carpeting is an Investment

  • Carpeting is a major expense. Regular cleaning extends the life of your carpet.
  • Carpeting affects your company’s image.
  • Carpeting is Good for a Cleaner, Healthier Environment

Clean Carpet acts like an Air Filter to Keep Your Work Environment Healthy

You may think of carpet as an expense for comfort and beauty but it’s really so much more. This massive human health filter catches airborne dust, allergens and bacteria which cause your staff to catch more colds and viruses which cause missed work and reduces productive time on the job.

Carpet is the most visible and extensively used surface in your facility.  It is the resting place for food and liquid spills. Soil and stains cause the visible spots that detract from the image you wish to portray to your visitors.

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Cleantech provides excellent rates for carpet cleaning and even better rates for clients on contract cleaning schedule.

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Carpet Cleaning Service

We provide commercial and residential carpet cleaning in the following areas:

We are IICRC Certified which sets the standards for excellence in the cleaning and restoration industry.