When it comes to maintaining your carpets, there is more to it than just vacuuming and cleaning.  Especially in work environments where many tools and equipment is being used, carpets can be subject to burns, bleach or chemical stains, fraying and tears, and restretching.  Luckily, the professionals of CleanTech are able to help you out.

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 You Need an Experienced Carpet Repair Company

Our experts are trained and have years of experience.  We use methods only the old timers know about.

In commercial buildings, your carpets may see a lot of foot traffic.  Over time, the carpets may begin to fray in particular spots, bubbles may form, and there may even be some tears where furniture is placed.  We can patch up the fraying edges and tears to the point you would never be able to tell anything was wrong.  Our professionals can also restretch your carpet making the installation look like it was done yesterday.

Say goodbye to bubbles and creases which are hazardous to people walking by as they could trip and fall.  Restretching it will level the carpet out and have it back to normal, futher preserving its life.

Oriental Rug Repairs: Home or Office

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You need an experienced pro to address your oriental rug repairs.  In the Philadelphia and South Jersey area, choose Cleantech.

Though we cannot fix every carpeted area, we will happily provide a free inspection and give you an estimate of your repairs.  Our servicemen will analyze the problems and thoroughly explain to you the repairs process.  Taking care of the carpets in your workplace is an investment.  By giving them the maintenance they need, you will not need to replace your carpets nearly as often, saving you a lot of time and money.

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