Professional Cleaning Service in Ardmore, PA

Everyone agrees; nobody likes to live or work in an environment that is unclean. For the safety, health, and productivity of employees, family, and yourself it is vital for surfaces to remain clean as most viruses and bacteria individual’s contract come from surfaces that are improperly cleaned. CleanTech in Ardmore in Montgomery County, PA. offers high-quality professional cleaning services to all types of commercial and business clients since 1971.

Our excellent workforce is completely trained in all aspects of ensuring your business environment is immaculately commercial cleaning services ardmorecleaned and sanitized on a schedule right for your needs. Our objective at CleanTech is to ensure the health and safety of your employees, patients, students, and other visitors with exceptional services. Moreover, our sister company, MaxCare, based in Downingtown, PA, allows us to expand our service area and quickens our ability to respond to service calls.

Some of the top-quality services we provide include:

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

At Cleantech, we understand the importance of protecting an investment. How often professional cleaning is needed depends on traffic, soil build-up, color, and type of carpeting. To ensure your carpets restore to their previous appearance, it is important for them to be professionally cleaned at least every 12-months.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts located on your business property should be properly maintained. Regular professional duct cleaning not only increases the efficiency of heating and cooling, the air quality the occupants breathe in is improved.

Commercial Ceramic Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and other types of hard surfaces are becoming more popular in the workplace. CleanTech Services removes dirt from deep within your tile and grout to restore it back to its prior appearance.

Commercial Office Furniture Cleaning

During work hours, visitors and employees come across numerous surfaces in the workplace with furniture being at the forefront. Fortunately, dust, dirt, and bacteria that build up in crevices and fabric are eliminated with professional cleaning from CleanTech.

CleanTech Services offer a wide array of services in Ardmore in Montgomery County, PA. We encourage scheduled cleanings to assure your environment stays clean and healthy. For more information, please contact one of our professionals today at 484-530-0600.

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