Professional Ceramic Tile Cleaning Specialists will certainly restore your lack-luster floor tiles, clean the grout as well as include a protective finishing.  Safeguard your investment with regular ceramic floor tile cleanings.

lobbyYou invested good cash to have a fantastic looking office.  Safeguard your investment with regular cleaning as well as upkeep by the professionals at CleanTech.

Commercial Tile Cleaning Service

Has your ceramic floor tile lost that glossy sheen? Have spots or grime settled into your tiles?  CleanTech commercial cleaning service can bring back to life most ceramic flooring as well as wall surface ceramic tiles. Grime, abrasive cleaners and rough cleaning materials, and neglect can gradually damage your ceramic tiles allowing them to lose their luster.

Your ceramic tile specialist at CleanTech will certainly make sure to remove stains and discolorations from your ceramic tiles and grout which is difficult to clean with basic household cleansers.  Without correct cleaning the stains might become irreversible and replacing can set you back thousands.

Expert Tile Recover Cleaning Company

Remember when the ceramic tiles were new with their beautiful luster? CleanTech is a cleaning company who can bring that radiance back.  Our licensed specialists, with many years’ experience and professional tools will handle the job of bringing your old looking ceramic tiles back to life. We cannot perform miracles, however, if we inform you our techniques will work to restore your ceramic tiles, we will stand behind our work with a complete satisfaction guarantee.

Cleansing Unglazed Tile

Unglazed or flat finish ceramic tiles can easily absorb spills, creating stains, spots and discolorations.  Foot traffic can also create discolorations on unglazed ceramic tiles.  CleanTech has special chemical remedies with a particular pH formula which remove the spots and discolorations as well as safeguard the ceramic tiles.  After cleaning, special sealers can be put on for extra protection.

Whether the ceramic tiles are stone or marble, are inside or outdoors, CleanTech specialists have the knowledge as well as the tools to give the ceramic tiles an appropriate cleansing.  CleanTech additional safeguard all ceramic tiles with top quality sealants to prevent future discoloring or stains.  The Outcome can be significant.

Ceramic tile grout cleansing is standard operating procedure when we clean your ceramic floor tiles.

If you need your ceramic tiles in your office cleaned and you are located in one of the following locations, call Clean Tech today at 484-530-0600.

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