Though most tenants take care of their homes the majority of the time, those faced with eviction often fail to do so in the weeks before moving. When cleaning property after an eviction, it should be put back into a state that is suitable for new tenants. We offer a number of services to help your property look as good as new:


Carpet Repair and Cleaning: With any move-out, carpet cleaning is essential to remove stains caused by the previous tenant. If the resident lived in the property long-term, repairs may also be necessary. We use gentle and environmentally-conscious cleaning solutions to remove the dirt from deep within every fiber of your carpet. We can also repair a variety of common carpet issues include fraying, burns, bleach stains, holes and uneven layouts.

Cleaning Tile: If a home has been lived in for a long period, its tile floors are likely to become dull over time. We can restore tile floors to provide a shiny and new appearance in addition to cleaning the grout to remove stains that have set in. Finally, we can add a protective coating to prevent future buildup.

Duct Cleaning: On average, up to 40 pounds of dirt and dust can accumulate in air ducts each year. This reduces air quality in the home and facilitates the presence of dust mites, mold and fungus. We can clean the entire air ventilation system in your property from the blower to the vent covers.

Mold Remediation: Once a resident moves out, you should have the home inspected for mold. Without inspections, the presence of possible problems won’t be detected until one of your new tenants gets sick. To prevent further growth or deterioration of tenants’ health, let our remediation specialists inspect the property.

Protect yourself against lawsuits and protect your investment by having your property cleaned properly between tenants. Call the professional cleaner you know you can trust. Cleantech of Conshohocken, PA, trusted in the Delaware Valley since 1971