Commercial Cleaning of No-Wax Flooring

Brighten up any type of business in hours by having your no wax flooring professionally cleaned.  CleanTech has been providing are businesses professional no wax floor cleaning since 1971.  By maintaining your no wax flooring, you will get many more years of use.

What is a No-Wax Floor?

A no-wax floor is a vinyl flooring that has a clear acrylic or urethane finish applied by the manufacturer, generally sold and applied as sheets or tiles.  No-Wax flooring needs to be maintained and cared for properly to stay No-Wax.  This includes no shoes and minimal foot traffic, which can be difficult in an office environment. After time, sealants on these floors become dull or scratched.  Polishing the floors will bring back the luster, but if the floor is not thoroughly cleaned any dirt will be permanently sealed to flooring.

Our Experts Make No-Wax Floors Look Brank New

This is where CleanTech’s no-wax flooring experts come in.  CleanTech’s professionals will come in and sweep, dry mop and vacuum to remove all dust, dirt and debris from the no-wax flooring.  After that, our professionals will use a damp mop to get rid of any residue from previous cleaners, polishes, and cleaning materials.  Our experts use top quality no-rinse flooring cleansers making sure to clean the entire floor until we are certain the flooring is completely free of residues.  The corners and edges are cleaned by hand.

Applying Sealer to the No-Wax Floor

Depending on the type of flooring, our experts will make use of either buffing or non-buffing flooring wax for long-lasting shine. Our flooring experts use premium flooring polish which includes a protective sealant as well as keeps dirt and dust to a minimum which will make it easier to maintain in the future.

Don’t rush to buy a new floor, your no-wax floor could have many good years left if cleaned and maintained properly.  If it is time to get your No-Wax Floors cleaned, contact CleanTech now at 484-530-0600.

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