Commercial Spring Cleaning

During the harsh winter months, your employees, customers and clients may regularly

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track everything from water and mud to salt and sand into your workplace. Winter weather makes wet and muddy shoes common, and the salt and sand that is used to prevent slipping and falling on ice often finds its way onto the floors in your workplace.

It’s Time To Schedule a Major Floor Cleaning

You may do your best to keep the floors clean on a regular basis throughout the winter

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with mopping and vacuuming, but the effects of winter can still take a toll on your floors. As soon as the last freeze has occurred, it is time to spring clean your space and spruce up your floors with a thorough spring cleaning service. Commercial cleaning services can help you to achieve the desired results.

Cleaning Hard Floor Services: Hardwood, Tile, Marble, Ceramic

The sand and salt that can find its way into your workplace all winter long can make hard floor surfaces lackluster, and professional commercial cleaning crews can remove all signs of the debris from the floors. After cleaning your hard floors thoroughly, floor polishing can restore the look of the floors with an impressive sheen. With floor polishing services, you can remove the worn look to your floors and restore their look with beauty. This is the perfect way to keep your space looking great and extending the life of your hard floors.

Professional Carpet Services
If your workplace has carpeting, it may have become filthy or even damaged over the long winter months. Professional carpet cleaning can remove any salt, sand or other matter that has become ground into the carpeting, and it can remove stains and odors as well. In addition to professional carpet cleaning, you can also schedule carpet repair services for any areas that may have snagged or become damaged. Carpeting may have become loose or had other issues develop over time, and carpet repair services can be coupled with cleaning services to restore the look of your carpeting. If your carpeting is not in great condition, you can set up carpet services with a professional crew today.

Get More Life From Your Floors

Protect your investment by scheduling regular cleaning.  Working with a commercial cleaning company will drastically extend the life of your floors. Beautifying your environment is good for moral and for company image.

From professional cleaning to repair and polishing services, the right cleaning company can help you with all of your current floor care needs. You can schedule spring cleaning for your floors today to erase the signs that winter has left behind in your facility.


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