Every year, more than 100 million work days are lost because of absenteeism and sickness that may be caused by poor indoor air quality. Financially, this amounts to an annual productivity loss of about $100 billion. By cleaning the workplace the correct way, productivity overcomes the burdens of unclean working conditions.

How Does Green Cleaning Work?

The concept of “green cleaning” refers to using an approach that improves air quality and keeps surfaces clean while recycling and minimizing the use of harsh chemicals and products that need disposing. Commercial cleaning companies that offer green cleaning provide eco-friendly cleaning products that have the same potency as standard products without the same potential for harm to people and the environment.

Fortunately, the technology in the green cleaning world has improved significantly. In the past, these types of cleaning methods required higher costs and sometimes even resulted in less powerful cleaning. With the higher demand, green cleaning has evolved into an effective and affordable technique.

Why is Green Cleaning Necessary?

Green cleaning methods provide an easy way for building owners and facility managers to keep their properties healthier for employees, and this can reduce insurance and healthcare costs. On average, people spend about 90 percent of their time indoors, and the air inside can be 2 to 5 times as poor as that outside. On top of this fact, buildings are made to be as airtight as ever in order to enhance energy efficiency.

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that businesses could experience a 5-percent increase in worker productivity simply by improving the quality of the air inside by using a commercial cleaning service that offers green cleaning techniques. Many government organizations control use of volatile organic compounds and other dangerous chemicals, so using a green cleaning company can help keep compliance with existing and developing regulations.

Main Benefits of Green Cleaning

If the products used to keep the workplace clean pose risks to occupants’ health, it defeats the purpose of creating a healthy and clean environment inside. To maintain any building, using green cleaning methods is essential to longevity and overall safety. Some of the many benefits include:

  • Increasing productivity and reducing absenteeism
  • Reducing health problems associated with chemical sensitivities, allergens, mold and bacteria
  • Helping to reduce air and water pollution

If your company hasn’t become accustomed to cleaning this way, trying it out may present a number of benefits you didn’t realize you needed. Trust experienced professionals to help you make your workplace much safer.


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