Water damage from broken pipes, leaks, roof damage or fire requires immediate attention.

Water Damage Restoration Service is Always an Emergency

The experts at Cleantech are equipped with industrial equipment, experience and know-how to remove water, water damaged items and dry your walls, carpets and floors.

Drying carpeted floors is a big job which requires professional equipment. Speed is a necessity. Time is NOT on your side in this situation. The sooner you call Cleantech, the sooner we can get our commercial fans, air dryers and dehumidifiers in your space.

Lingering moisture is the friend of toxic mold and the enemy of Cleantech and our clients.

Water damage cleanup service

For water damage emergencies, call for immediate assistance. 1-888-253-2641

Water Mitigation Equipment

We’ve got the manpower and equipment to handle any size water disaster in your home or commercial building wit dehumidifiers and advanced water extractors to mitigate standing water and moisture.

The health of your people and your business are paramount.  We know this and we act with the urgency necessary to get your business back to normalcy as quickly as possible.

Flood Damage Restoration

If you’ve had a flood in your home or business there’s no time to waste. Your first call should be to your insurance company. Your 2nd call should be to Cleantech-your cleaning and water disaster restoration professionals. The faster you get your flood problem resolved, the greater are the chances we can save and restore your carpets, furniture, and your valuables and get your life and business back in order. We’ll clean it up so you can back to work and life. Call Clean Tech today for fast response: 484-530-0600.

Clean Tech serve the following counties:

Montgomery County

Delaware County

Bucks County

Chester County

Philadelphia County

Camden County

We are IICRC Certified which sets the standards for excellence in the cleaning and restoration industry.